By Pr. Kaggwa Rogers

Communication Director,CUC

Nakawa Market in Kampala City has had its darkness chased away by the Community service done the Luzira District SDA Churches.

Spearheaded by Luzira Mother Church’s vibrant  young people  and their not- so- young but vibrant District Leader, Pr. Ndalike  Steven,  the church members, clad in TMI T- shirts literally “attacked” the market armed with pitch forks, brooms, wheelbarrows, gloves, shovels and hoes to clean up the mess in the market.

They did not stop at cleaning up the stinking garbage but even donated a powerful Solar security light worth 1,800,000/- to the market to dispel darkness in the premises.

The Chief Guest at  the ceremony, His Worship the Mayor of Nakawa Mr. Balimwezo excited the crowd by donning the TMI Tshirt and chanting slogans “TMI, TMI, TMI “.

He thanked the SDA Church or being a proactive pro-people church and pledged to support the TMI program in whatever way possible.


The market vendors were deeply touched by the gesture and wondered where the Church has been all the time. “These Christians are better than our churches which ask and ask for money from followers but return nothing to the givers!!” one merchant commented.


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