It happened like any other day for 80 years Mzee Nansubuga Sarah. This old woman had been living in a shanty run down house made of mud and wattle in Mulago Triangle Zone.


Time had worn it down with half a roof, practically no door, and all the mud run down by the rain. The years too had taken their toll on the ramshackled structure.

Interestingly, very near next to the structure were houses of affluence and no one cared about Mzee sharing her house with cats, rats, snakes, and dogs!!

A team of newly formed Mulago Church in Uganda and seen the torrential rains pelting mzee daily and were deeply moved. For their Community Service, they decided to demolish the structure and build a new house.

It was an ambitious idea for such small church (which had no structure of their own but was renting)!

But they faced a challenge!! Where would she stay as they constructed?

A charcoal merchant lent the church his Charcoal shed for 3 weeks as they constructed and here the old woman stayed in a little better but not- so- fine environment.

The house was completed and on Sabbath of 17th  June 2017, at the very opening of TMI meetings, a simple  ceremony  was conducted  to hand over the  finished house  in the presence of the local council chairman and the police commander of the area.

As the  District Pastor, Pr. Kazooba handed over the key, he  thanked members for the wonderful thing done to the needy and prayed the old lady lives a life of serving God in her new house.

The Local Council Chairperson said he was deeply touched by the act of the SDA Church and welcomed them to his constituency as often as possible to evangelize.

The Police officer thanked the Church and said “you have saved my citizens from alcoholism, drug abuse and so many vices by your evangelism very Sabbath evening. You have saved this old woman imminent death from evil doers. By the time they kick the iron door I will have arrived, as opposed to the past when she practically had no door!!”

They later attended the opening of the effort and on Sabbath of 1st July at Makerere Mass Baptism, the old lady was among the 1000s baptized in TMI.


By Pr.Kaggwa Rogers
Communication Director,CUC


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