Nakasozi Church District was officially inaugurated in a colorful ceremony attended by an estimated 1000 people   on Sunday 11th March 2018. Nakasozi found in Mubende political District was originally an area of the Mubende Church district. It is around 26 km from Mubende town.

The new District has 6 church Boards namely Nakasozi, Kitemba, Kirwanyi, Bujaala, Kifulumambogo and Kabweyakiza.
The Congregations include Kayana, Lulongo Ngabano, Kakenzi, Gongwa, Bulima, Naluwondwa, Katibenda,Kisagazi, Ngangi, Kyanika, Nsanvu, Tekero, Luteete, Moma and Kasambya.
This newly inaugurated District has approximately 1,863 members and it is the 60th Church District in Central Uganda Conference.

The new District Leader, Pr. Mpagi Mark who has been Associate Pastor for Mubende District was hopeful that there will be quick development in the churches since the services have been brought closer to the people. He pledged allegiance to the Bible and the Conference leadership and promised to work closely with the over 40 member strong District Council to enhance evangelism and spirituality in the new District.

Earlier the President of Central Uganda Conference Pr. Samuel Kajoba called on the new District to show maturity so as to prove that they were worth the district status. He illustrated the point by allegorizing about a grown woman (acting as a child) who holds a baby doll and puts it at her breasts to feed or a grown man found in the road driving an imaginary toy car.

Pr. Nsereko Male the Mubende District leader thanked the Conference Executive for accepting to halve off the Nakasozi District since work in Mubende was too much. The ceremony was graced  with beautiful music  from many choirs  with some choirs coming from the neighbouring Western Uganda Field. The Conference was represented by all the CUC Officers, Pr. Usaba Josiah, Pr. Kaggwa Rogers  and Pr. Sentongo Joshua .

Later a fundraising Drive  led by the  Area Church Representative to the CUC Executive Committee was conducted  for the construction of a befitting District Headquarters  Church and Pastors house.


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