Thousands of people from all walks of  life  thronged the remote village of  Kamuli  Kikyusa in Semuto District  as they laid to rest the remains of Pr. Kalibbala Moses, a dear friend to many.

Born in 1960  June  29th  to Mzee Israel Kalibbala , Moses  accepted the Adventist message  through his elder brothers Bwogi, Ben and Vick Kalibbala.

He served as a gospel Minister in Bweyogerere, Kireka, Kampala B, Seeta, , and later Semuto District  where he last served before  the devil  struck him down with  a liver condition complicated by the onset of  cancer of the prostate.

He is survived by a  widow  Ritah  whom he married  on 2nd November 1986 and four children ; Sam Mukisa, Joshua  Kajubi, David  Sendawula and Luis Nabbala  Nakimera.

He was instrumental in bringing  young  people to the Gospel ministry. While in Kampala he encouraged a young man Musisi  John and in Seeta  he got an LC 1  chairman Christopher Serunjogi  into the ministry, then he got Tabu Steven Orono  and later Lubega  Gerald, all God’s Generals.

Pr. Kalibbala is  fondly remembered  as the Prime Radio Fans Club Pastor and ranked the  most  versatile user of Social Media among the pastors of his league. Even at his sick bed, towards  his death, he never missed a day  to send greetings to many Group Chats of WhatsApp.

Condolence  messages came from as far as the US and as powerful as from the President’s Office  who sent 5,000,000/- as condolences.

We hope to see Moses on the Resurrection morning.


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