It is now on record that Kajjansi Area is a fully fledged District becoming the 59th Church District of the Central Uganda Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Kajjansi which was part of Najjanankumbi District was inaugurated on Sabbath 10th March 2018 at a well-attended function at Kajjansi “White” Church along Entebbe Road.

This new District is found in Wakiso Political District and has 4 church Boards namely
Kajjansi with Churches like Bweya and Ddewe,
Kitiko Mutungo 
Ssisa with congregations Kitovu, Ngogolo and Light High Seguku.
Total membership is about 1016 members.

The President of CUC Pr. Samuel Kajoba thanked the members for their commitment to God’s work through tithes, offerings, TMI and other support services they render to the church. He encouraged them to grow in Spirituality and grow membership through intensive TMI. Najjanankumbi  the mother church wishes their  “babies” well  by donating  a full set of office equipment  including a Filing Cabinet donated by Elders’ Wives, A computer, Printer, Files, Reams of Papers, and other stationery items  for the office donated by Najja District Council.

To crown the day, the new District donated a Toyota Premio car to their new District leader Pr. Hakiza James.

He thanked the Conference for the trust in him to lead this new District and pledged to make it “more powerful than the mother (Najja); since young people are more energetic than their old parents” (his quote)
Kajjansi  is completing a storied complex which will house the Pastors home , office and  children’s Church.
It’s also on record that this is one of the few church ceremonies to host 90% of the CUC AdCom members outside Kireka. The CUC officers led by The President Pr. Kajoba Samuel accompanied by the Departmentals: Pr. Walugembe Yafesi, Pr. Usaba Josiah, Pr. Sentongo Joshua, Pr. Kaggwa Rogers and Mrs. Luutu Rebecca were in full attendance.


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