The  General Conference Children Ministry leader Dr. Linda Mei Lin Koh, Ed.D
together with the  East and Central African  Division Children Ministries Leader Mrs. Maloba have raised their concerns over  parents who have very little time for the children and  become so busy making money at the expense of raising their children.

While  talking to the world on Prime Radio on Monday  16th April, Mrs. Maloba from ECD raised her concern over the hundreds of mothers who have no time for their children and leave them in hands of domestic home help workers (yaya) while the parents rush off to make money. These children are raised by people who care less about their spiritual wellbeing and parents end up regretting later when they see the wrong values inculcated in the children by these strangers.
Mrs. Waiswa Esther, the Children’s Ministries leader at The Uganda Union and host to the GC and ECD leaders appreciated the fact that more churches have taken up the notion of allowing children to serve in their churches as opposed to  the past where many churches refused Children’s Sabbaths and did not allow children to  serve in churches.
In the company of their host in CUC Mrs. Mugerwa Lillian, the Children leaders worshipped from   Forest Park where they met hundreds of children and their leaders, the paid a courtesy call to CUC headquarters, had a talk on Prime Radio, met the pupils and staff of Kireka SDA Primary School and later on Wednesday the  18th  April , 2018  met Church Leaders at the Uganda Adventist Center before leaving Uganda.


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