It was all excitement at  Kitala Kizannyiro in Kanyanya Church District  as over 40 souls gave their lives to Christ following  two weeks of evangelistic meetings.
The  baptism candidates who were mostly youth  excited the preacher , Mrs  Miiro Stella  who is the wife of the CUC Executive Treasurer, Edward Miiro, who, interestingly, is on a similar mission over 100 miles away in Kooki.
The baptism, which was conducted by Pr. Kazooba Fred, the Kanyanya District leader, was held at Midland High School Baptistry  on Sabbath of 19th  May 2018 immediately after  the Divine Service call.

The effort started on 5th May and will end on the 27th May. Many people have been attending in person and some listening from their shops and business points since the meetings are in a trading center. Another  baptism is expected  the following Sabbath  of 26th  May 2018.
The effort was organized by the Kampala Zone Women Ministries in which Mrs. Miiro is a leader. The venue was given out for the meetings by the family of Mrs. Persis Kikaatu an elder’s wife   in Kanyanya Church which is responsible for this new congregation.
Mrs. Miiro , a women leader in Kampala Zone  of the CUC  is not new to evangelism missions. She retired her hectic banking work to concentrate on church work and her family and has since held similar meetings in various places..


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