“Mummy, lets hurry to the evangelistic effort, I don’t want to be late!!”

These were the final words of Dylln Kavulu Kizito the three and half year old missionary who was tragically killed on Wednesday 16th May 2018 at Kizannyiro in Kitala not far from the Kampala Zone Women Effort site.
Born to Mr and Mrs. Kizito David of Kanyanya, and Little as he was, Dylln was a missionary in his own right. He memorized verses and spoke about Jesus to the neighbours in their little crowded neighbourhood.
A lot of things went on hours before he died; all signaling a tragedy his parents never expected!! Dylln rose early and sneaked out of home and in an unusual way went greeting all neighbours way up to the shops in the trading center before returning home. Hours later, they were appalled to hear that their sweet friend has been struck by a falling bathroom wall.
After coming home, Dylln requested his mother to prepare him some food quickly so he goes to attend the evangelistic meeting. He then began to recite the entire chapter of 1 Corinthians and later Psalm 23 off head as he waited for food!!
After eating a bit of the food, Dylln got ready to bathe. As he went to the bathroom he saw his elder brother pull a cloth on a wire held by the wall. The wire pulled the wall down on Dylln’s brother hitting him. At that moment the bricks hit Dylln as he fell upside down and a big one crashed his little chest!!
As the mother rushed in to rescue the first boy the rest of the wall hit her back. Hearing the noise, the father rushed in pulling the family out of the debris. Dylln was pronounced dead at arrival to the nearest medical unit.

One neighbour, whom Dylln had befriended and “preached” to about stopping alcohol, was dumbfounded and inconsolable!  He wept bitterly at the loss of a “concerned friend”. He seriously considers Dylln’s advice to leave alcohol.
But what struck Dylln’s mum as odd is the fact that the whole day, Dylln was  chanting the name of their burial place deep in village of Nakaseke, a place which he didn’t even know too well. The mother promised to take them to stay there  “for sometime” but it ended up with Dylln staying there till Jesus comes for His “little Missionary”


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