A meeting with two kings in a week is hard enough but the entire staff of the Central Uganda Conference had rare opportunity of meeting two cultural leaders in a space of one hour!!
This happened on the recent Annual Education Tour of the Conference staff where they decided to visit Western Ugandan tourist sites and attractions.

The first King was the King of the Obudingya bwa Bamba (OBB as they fondly call it) in Bundibugyo, one of the 17 officially recognized tribes in Uganda.
The retired colonel welcomed the staff warmly to his palace in the land where (as we came to be told by the Prime Minister of the OBB) the dry spell lasts only three weeks!!
In his remarks, the King wondered why people who are called Christians names end up in violence and hate speech. He believed that Christians should love not hate. He repeatedly said “I still have a lot of unanswered questions...”
Pr. Kajoba Samuel, the CUC president handed over “amakula” (gifts) to the King and a round of refreshments were served courtesy of the King.
What most excited the staff is the cultural appreciation which is equivalent to our “Amen”.  It is done by lifting your hands to heaven while shaking them shouting “yera yera yera!!


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