When the staff of two church entities from different regions as far as 300 miles meet, there is bound to be a lot of discussions, touring, comparing notes, laughter, tears and worship (not forgetting a get together meal).

This is what exactly happened on the 17th October 2018 (the third day of the CUC Staff tour to Western Uganda) as counterparts met at the Western Uganda Field offices in Fort Portal.
You could see the Presidents share notes, the Accountants reconciling books together, the departmentals checking their facts for end- of- year meetings and of course the secretaries checking WUF equipment.
Pr. Kajoba Samuel the CUC president gave the devotion and urged the WUF team to work together as a team because “in a sinking boat there is no hero”.
He challenged them to accept each other’s weaknesses and shortcoming citing the choice of Jesus’ disciples who had so many short comings but Christ chose to use them anyway.
Pr. Mwebaza Samuel the WUF President introduced their staff who later gave the visitors a great dinner as a welcome gesture.
The President of CUC introduced a contribution  the Conference had brought  to Western Uganda Field of  a  5,000,000/- (five million shilling)  “brick” to help them construct an office complex for the Field.
Pr. Mwebaza Samuel thanked the CUC for such generosity and promised to see that the funds are put to good use.


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