When Mrs. Seruwagi (the Women Ministries Leader in Kampala Central Church) contacted Pr. Kaggwa Rogers to preach at Canaan Sites in Nakwero (an affluent housing estate of rich people), with a hope of getting these English speaking people to join the newly formed East Kampala English Church, little did Pr. Kaggwa know he would get a quadruple blessing as a result!!
Canaan Sites is over 30 kms from Kireka where Pr. Kaggwa Rogers stays  and  a little out of the way in Najeera lives his eldest sister (heir to their mother who died in March),

“Why don’t I invite my sister to attend the evangelistic meetings since she is still feeling low after mum’s death? It might encourage her” Pr. Kaggwa thought. Caroline replied in the affirmative but she had no means to travel the 16kms from her place to the effort. “No problem, I will pick you as I go to preach and return you home any day you attend” Pr. Rogers promised.
After the baptism sermon, Caroline made a decision but on returning home she was immediately attacked by High Blood Pressure, her hand went limp with pain and palpitations increased. She missed many of beautiful messages while on medication.

On Friday before baptism, Pr. Kaggwa called and she courageously said “I will be baptized!! Pick me though I am weak”.
 Sabbath 18th May was a beautiful day as she entered the waters of baptism much to the joy and excitement of the people in Manyangwa area where they are born!! Caroline becomes the first sister of Pr. Kaggwa to be baptized! He already has three brothers in the church who are all church elders.

But that’s not all, as he was baptizing, they brought 2 of his “grandchildren” for baptism from strong Catholic backgrounds!! To put the icing on the cake, one of his best friends, a videographer named Baker shocked him by appearing for baptism from a totally different church!
“It’s the best baptism I have ever held and the best evangelistic Mission I have ever conducted” Pr. Kaggwa joyfully concluded.


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