Thirteen years ago, when some doctors from Romania came to evangelize the island of Buvuma, they picked interest in the plight pupils of an Adventist Primary school there who needed sponsorship.
Since that time, (2006), they have been sponsoring over 46 pupils fully with school fees and other boarding necessities.
On 6th August 2019, they came back in a big way this time!! They were over 13 in number and they included medical personnel, construction engineers, accountants, pastors and others.

They came so ready that they achieved all this in a span of only two weeks:
1.    Brought 10 double deck beds catering for 20 pupils with their mattresses and beddings.
2.    Brought over 180 mosquito nets.
3.    Created a new library with over 600 new books relevant to Uganda curriculum.
4.    Made a reading unit with children   books from all over the world.
5.    Turned a chicken house into a 4 room   fully functional dispensary with a lot of medicine.
6.    Painted all of the classrooms, dormitories and staff houses giving an amazing FACELIFT.
7.    Brought 6 new tanks of 5,000 liters each (each building now has a tank).
8.    Fitted new glass panes in the once broken windows.
9.    Constructed new verandas for all buildings and repaired where the old ones had chafed away.
10.    Refurbished over 35 the desks and 4 tables with new smooth wood courtesy of CUC.
11.    Got two sewing machines for training pupils in that skill.
•    They made an effort and over 32 souls accepted Jesus Christ
•    They made a Week of Prayer where over 18 young people and 1 teacher accepted Christ
The medical team made a medical camp and on the first day 320 visited the clinic!! It is amazing that in the 52 islands of Buvuma there are only 12 medical units!! So this one will be very useful.
They promised to increase the sponsorship from 46 pupils to 60 with this offer:
•    Fully paid school fees with all the uniform; shoes and socks inclusive, books and pocket money!!
•    The area MP promised to pay half fees for every best student in each class who was not on the Romanian bursary.
The Central Uganda Conference president Pr. Kajoba Samuel thanked the Romanians for their kindness to the young people o Buvuma and promised to take keen interest in the keeping the buildings in good shape.
On 26th August, they handed over the finished work to the Education Director Central Uganda Conference Pr. Kaggwa Rogers who promised to regularly make a follow up of the Romanian interests in the school and update them of the progress of the project.


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