The Central Uganda Conference President Pr. Kajoba Samuel has addressed the SDA Church on the COVID -19 pandemic and measures reached upon by the CUC Administrative Committee (AdCom) that sat on Thursday the 19th of March 2020.

The Conference President acknowledged that the Corona Virus that is sweeping across the world, is a Pandemic and needs to be addressed, taking in consideration the Uganda Government mitigation procedures as announced by His Excellence the president of Uganda in his address to the nation on Wednesday 18th March 2020 at the State House.

Pr. Kajoba called on church members to avoid places of congestion and these include schools and churches. Earlier President Yoweeri Museveni had halted all religious gatherings on Fridays, Sabbaths and Sundays and closed all educational institutions from Nursery to Universities and banned all social gatherings and entertainment centers. He restricted burials and weddings to 10 people in a bid to avoid infection of the masses.

Pr. Kajoba advised the church to follow the government directive since its more or less a worldwide ban and is for their well-being. He asked the children to stay at home and not move around since they can contract the disease from the neighborhood. He further warned against touching faces before washing hands since the virus can only enter through the eyes, nose and mouth.

The Conference president emphasized a balanced diet, avoiding oils and fatty flesh a with sugary foods but encouraged the use of fruits, cereals, greens and a vegetarian diet which helps to boost the immune system.

He charged pastors and evangelists to keep in close contact with the households on phone and Social Media in a bid to keep the Sabbath worship alive. He encouraged believers to tune in Prime Radio on sabbath morning and join the service.

Prime Radio, the church radio was tasked with holding a full church service on Radio right from Sabbath School to Evening close of Sabbath services.

The English-speaking churches will follow on Social Media like Facebook Live from their congregation pastors.

The Uganda government Presidential ban on gatherings took immediate effect running for 32 days from 18th March to 21st April 2020.




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