Pr. Joshua Ssentongo - Youth / Chaplaincy / Music

Pr. Joshua Ssentongo - Communication & Youth Department




Holds a Bachelors Degree in Theology from Bugema Chartered Seventh day Adventist University (2010). He has served the church in various places:



 Joshua Ssentongo is married to Hildah Namukwaya Blessed with 3 girls: Namuli Loy, Nakanjako Grace, Naggawa Ellen and 1 boy: Isaac Ssentongo Lwanga.

Appointed as district leader Ntwetwe 1997-2002, district leader Nswanjere 2003-2009, district leader Kyanja 2010-2013, Youth/communication, Sabbath School director Central Uganda Conference 2014 to date.

Pr. Ssentongo is an ordained Seventh day Adventist church pastor who loves working with the youth of all categories.

He loves serving the Lord in all areas of jurisdiction,loves all members of Sabbath School and all members who stand before people as avenues of communication, works with all people.

He has baptized many members that have joined the Seventh day Adventist church, he has wedded many couples into their marriages and best of all he loves praying for those in need.

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